Triang Transcontinental Silver Stock 1954-1957

The motive power unit is first generation power bogie with an X03 motor linked by gears. Added to make up the train is a diesel "A" dummy unit, a dummy "B" unit, plus five silver coaches. The eight items make up a train the arrives at Harrow Park under the name of the "SILVER SHADOW EXPRESS".


First a view of the motive power unit with the first generation motor 1955.

This diesel is a good runner and is more than able to pull the heavy load demanded of it. Below are various close ups, the motor may be of interest. Made from 1955 to 1957 (with the silver nose). On this "A" unit the nose transfers are missing, rubbed away.

Triang R55 single ended diesel 1955

Early version lighter red stripe and large spacing betwwen the words "TRI-ANG RAILWAYS"

Triang R58 dummy "B" unit 1956

Early version with numbers at both ends.

The "B" units are without cabs and did not last long in the Triang catalogues as they are boring compared to an "A" unit or a coach, this has made them very rare.

Triang R57 Dummy Single Ended Diesel 1955

The shade of the red stripe and the spacing between the words "TRI-ANG RAILWAYS" probably date this example as some time during 1957.

Non-powered diesel unit, not only do they allow for double heading, but they are also a cheap way of filling an engine shed. The spacings between the words "TRI-ANG RAILWAYS" and the tone of red, suggest that this dummy unit was produced much later than the powered unit at the top of the page. All couplings on these units and coaches are all Mk2 open coupling types.

Compare the two different tone of red and the difference in the thickness of the numbers.

Left 1955 and to the right circa 1957.

View of the powered diesel and the non-powered "A" and "B" units. The length of the train before any coaches are added, on the very small layouts this would have been chasing its tail on a standard oval.

Triang R24 Transcontinental Coach 1954

The first in the transcontinental series, running number 10724, although most of the numbers have been rubbed off over the years. The "Silver Shadow Express" runs with two of these coaches in its train.

Triang R25 Transcontinental Vista Dome Coach 1954

The Vista Dome coach running number 20425.

Both the Vista Dome coach and the Standard coach were originally intended to run with the Pacific steam locomotive, they all came out together in 1954.

Triang R125 Transcontinental Observation Car 1956

The Observation Car was a much needed addition to the range and went under the running number 20537.

Triang R130 Transcontinental Baggage Car 1957

The final car to be added to the "Silver Shadow Express" at Harrow Park"

The Baggage Car, added in 1957, is very rare in the silver only colour. After a few months they were painted with a red stripe down the center of the coach.

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