Triang Lined BR Princess 1955-69

The non-lined Princess has already been covered and can be found by scrolling down the index on the left of the page.

I would like to mention that a lot of my collection is in a play worn condition and in need of refurbishment, which is a future pending project.  However, my view is that I would rather have a play worn item, knowing it has given some enjoyment to a child in the past, rather than in perfect condition behind glass, which is in effect a "failed toy".

triang BR Princesses in black, green and maroon 1955-1969

A black princess from the 1955-1969 is missing from my collection, but at least one will be added soon and this page will be up dated.

Black BR 46201 Princess Elizabeth  1955-1958.

Green BR 46201 Princess Elizabeth 1955-1962.

Black BR 46205 Princess Victoria 1959-1963.

Maroon BR 46200 The Princess Royal 1969.

( Green BR Princess CKD kit form 1963-1969).

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