Triang Lined BR Jinty 1956-1972

The pre-lined Jinty is dealt with on another page, for information on the earlier variant then please scroll down the menu on the right edge of the page.

Two lined Jintys are based at Harrow Park, one with Mk2 open couplings and one with Mk3 closed couplings, depending on the couplings needed for the type of goods traffic in service.

Early Lined Jinty 1956-1958

Jinty with early British Railways logo and lining. Equipt with Mk2 open couplings, a very good runner at Harrow Park.

Late Lined BR Jinty 1959-1972

Late BR logo and Mk3 open couplings, another good runner at the Harrow Park locomotive sheds.

I have not photographed the chassis and motor, it is the same as the early variant above.

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