Triang 0-6-0 Shunter 1957-1968

The 1956 variant can be found under "Cellulose Acetate Locos 1952-1956" by scrolling down on the menu on the right hand side of the page.

The variant in British Rail blue will be covered later.

Triang green 0-6-0 BR Diesel Shunter 1957

A good runner, even at slow speeds. Handy when early Mk2 open couplings are required. Used on days when Harrow Park has a "Diesels Only Day".

She can be found on shed one.

Triang green 0-6-0 BR Diesel Shunter 1959

Identical to the previous model, the difference is that this locomotive is fitted with the 1959 open couplings.

I mention Triang couplings a lot, this is because I try not to mix different coupling types, this helps stop rolling stock coming apart during travel. I problem with type Mk2a couplings (the Mk2b are heavier and press down a little better). Mk3 closed couplings seem to work the best. Rovex Mk1 couplings are restricted to my "plunger" Princesses and some 6" maroon coaches.

Triang maroon clockwork 0-6-0 BR Diesel Shunter 1959

A reserve diesel locomotive at Harrow Park, manages two rounds on the mainline without rewinding. Sometimes used as a double header with its green electric brother.

Made between 1959 and 1962.

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