Harrow Park 2013-2017

"Harrow Park" was started several years ago and a model railway layout is never finished!

The orignal layout started as a very small branch line project along one wall of the room. The British rolling stock next to the engine shed was all I had then. At that time I had been running a German Reichsbahn layout, but after some 20 years I wanted to change to a British one. My German locos and stock were sold and the money went into Triang and Hornby.

My original branch line in 2013 was based on Southern Railways Wadbridge Station in Cornwall set in 1936.

When the rest of the room became available, the layout was extended to fill almost the whole room. The original plan was for two ovals of track with sidings in the middle of the table, to show off my loco collection. However, during a stay in hospital for an operation I became bored and drew plans for a terminus station.

This station took the place of the sidings and later a third oval was added when the table was further extended.

The original village built in 2013, has been keep in place during all the layout changes. It has in fact been extended and grown into a small town, more buildings are due to be added.

What started off as Wadbridge in Cornwall set in 1936, has become part of Harrow in Middlesex in 1960.

The project is not standing still and more updates will be added soon.

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