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Harrow Park Station Model Railway

A fictional joint GWR/LMS London terminus station set in about 1960, using models from the 1949-1976 period. Mostly British locos and rolling stock but some German and Transcontinental.

   Construction on the layout in its present form started about September 2016 when the terminus station was designed, however there had been a much smaller layout here since the end of 2013.

Over the years the layout was extended bit by bit, with the terminus added and the village becoming a town. There is some cross over between the two track systems, using the overhead catenary. The catenary is set up for 12v DC and 16v AC allowing for the running of German Märklin too.

Something about myself

I was born in Coventry in 1956 and served in the RAF during my early years and during the 80s served in Germany. After marrying my German wife, I settled in Germany some 30 years ago. I have worked over 27 years for the German State Railways, mostly in Düsseldorf. Starting out shunting wagons, I moved on to working on the Permanent Way, before moving to the DB-Sicherheitsdienst.  We have one son who lives and works in Cologne.

I started getting interested in British model railways about 2013, before that I had a German model railway for some 20 years.

The name "Harrow Park" is fictional. When I visit my close friends in North Harrow, we always take the dogs on a nice long walk over Harrow Park, a lovely grass area where one can also watch cricket being played in the summer months. Feel free to chat on the message board, or leave your comments.